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Honeybee and the nasty medicine

This week, Shetland pony Honeybee needs to take some nasty medicine. The vet has been to see him as he has a cough and a runny nose. But, like us, Honeybee doesn’t like to eat his medicine if it tastes nasty. How do we get him to eat it? Watch the video to find out...

Shetland ponies and the eclipse

There was a total eclipse of the sun last week in America. Do you remember that a few years ago, we had a partial eclipse in the UK? Find out what happened to the ponies during the partial eclipse. How did they react? Watch the video to find out more: Autumn is coming...

Summer Camp Fancy Dress Day

It's fancy dress day at Summer Camp! The ponies are joining in the fun with special pony face paints, costumes and wildflowers their hair. Which pony will impress the judge and win the golden rosette? Watch the video to find out Our ponies have been very busy this...

Shetland pony Batman’s 3D sculpture

It’s a special day for our Shetland pony Batman. His 3D printed sculpture is about to arrive. It’s been specially made for him by Arty Lobster using lots of photographs to create an exact copy of his markings. What does Batman think when he meets his model? Does the...

Meet our new Shetland pony, Dreamcoat

This week, we meet our new Shetland pony, Dreamcoat. He has come from another farm on our estate where he was kept as a friend to a rescued Shetland pony. However, Dreamcoat loves children and being ridden. So, he has come to Shetland Pony Club where there are lots of...

How to put a pony in a field safely

This week, we learn how to put a pony in a field safely. The Shetland ponies at the ranch can be keen to run off to meet their friends at the end of the day. So, we need to be careful when we turn them out in the field. Do our Shetland ponies run away? Watch the video...

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