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How to shampoo a Shetland Pony

This week, we learn how to shampoo a Shetland pony. Take a look at how we do it safely to make the ponies feel comfortable and look stunning. Do we wash the whole Shetland pony in one go? Find out what happens to Hector Moonbeam when he is washed all over. Watch the...

6 hot ponies’ perfect lunch break tips

As the English heatwave continues this week, our hot Shetland ponies are looking for new ways to keep cool during their lunch breaks. Find out what Shetland ponies Creme Brulee and Teddy Bear do to cool down at lunchtime. Prince William and Sundance are happy to join...

Supermodel Shetland Ponies

The world of supermodels sounds glamorous, but being a model is actually quite tricky. Find out how Shetland ponies Sundance and Nottingham get on when it’s their chance to perform for the cameras this week at Shetland Pony Club. Will they become Shetland pony...

Strange Shetland Pony colours: I never knew that!

The world of Shetland ponies is full of the strangest expressions and customs. Watch this episode of Shetland Pony Club TV to learn about the names we use for one Shetland pony colour. Which colour is it? Find out why we use this name and become a Shetland pony...

Heatwave: how to keep our Shetland ponies cool

This week, there’s been a heatwave at Shetland Pony Club with lots of really hot and humid weather. So how do the Shetland ponies keep cool? Watch the video to find out more: Summer Camp is filling up fast – book up now Come along and ride in the lovely countryside at...

Know your Shetland pony colours

This week, we learn more about the different coloured coats and hooves of some of the Shetland ponies at Shetland Pony Club. What do we call a black and white pony? Does he have a special name? Is there a different name for a brown and white pony? Are all ponies'...

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