Prince William

Age: 15 years old
Size: 36 inches
Colour: Bay ( brown with a black mane and tail) with a white blaze on his face

Prince William, Wills for short, is a pretty pony with grand breeding! He has a beautiful mane and tail and is perky and cheeky company. He is very fluffy in winter! He is photogenic and is a popular choice with many children. See below for a video all about him…

Prince William and the Amazing Shetland Pony Rocking Horse

Prince William, our Shetland Pony, is a bit of a supermodel and has been asked to model for a Shetland Pony Rocking Horse. Come and see if the rocking horse looks like him.

Prince William is a lovely pony for the more experienced rider. Here he is in action with one of our Pony Share Members at the ranch.