Benefits of horse riding

Find out the benefits of horse riding and what it can do for your child

Would you like to know what the benefits of horse riding are? In our recent survey (October 2017) parents of children who already ride shared with us the benefits that their children have gained when learning to ride a pony or horse.

There have been so many positives – from pony dreams of unicorns, cowboys, Olympic gold medals to a pony of your own. You have also told us of your pony fears and frustrations. At Shetland Pony Club, our mission is to support more parents and children around the world to start out with ponies. We have helped with over 7,000 children start riding and want to help more. Your survey answers are really helping us in this mission.

Thank you for your input. Your guidance will help other parents.

So, as promised, in this video I share your advice from the survey, both the positive benefits and your concerns. There are some surprising and fascinating results, so do check it out now.

Watch the video to find out more

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Thank you for your involvement in helping to create our help your child learn horse riding course.  We are excited and hope you will join us on this very successful online course.

Small Ponies… Big Dreams From Rosemary and the Shetland ponies

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Children love their ponies at Shetland Pony Club