This week, we find out about the different types of saddles that we use when riding a Shetland pony.

What are the two types of saddle that we use at Shetland Pony Club?

There are other parts that we use to hold the saddle in place and put our feet on. What are they called?

Pay close attention then complete our fun quiz to see what you have learned.

Watch the video to find out more:

The Bluebells are out at Shetland Pony Club

Come along and ride in the countryside. We are busy so do book ahead now for May half term and summer pony day camps to avoid disappointment.


Take the quiz for fun and leave a comment below:

Shetland pony saddles quiz

Watch the video then try our fun quiz about Shetland pony saddles

Small Ponies…Big Dreams

from Rosemary and the Shetland ponies