Get Christmas sorted with a Shetland pony ride. There is just one more weekend of riding before Shetland Pony Club closes for the winter and the ponies are fully booked.  Don’t worry – we will keep you in touch with the ponies over the winter with Shetland Pony Club TV.

Get Christmas sorted

We can also help you to get Christmas sorted with a wonderful gift of a Shetland pony ride to use in 2020.

There are three types of delightful hard copy gift vouchers:

Camp Day Gift Vouchers  enjoy the whole day with your favourite Shetland Pony. Learn to ride him, look after him and enjoy being with him all day long. 9.30am-4pm, Summer holidays only. Age 5+ Vouchers: £126.95 per child.

Pony Morning Gift Vouchers – 2 hours, delightful early riding and learning experiences from age 4. Children enjoy both riding and pony care. Vouchers: £56.95 per child.

Starter Ride Gift Vouchers  45 minutes, specially designed first riding experiences for children from age 2½. Vouchers: £41.95 per child.

Watch the video to find out more about them:

The office is open throughout the winter and you can buy your Christmas Gift Vouchers online here or give us a call in the office on: 07734 950309 or

Small Ponies…Big Dreams from
Rosemary, Liz and all the ponies and the Team at Shetland Pony Club