This week, we find out how to feed a Shetland pony, in one of our series of pony advice videos.  We all know that ponies eat grass, but did you know that they are browsers and enjoy eating prickly plants like thistles and blackberries.

Unusual foods for Shetland ponies

Shetland ponies like to eat a varied diet with lots of different plants containing different minerals to keep them healthy.  In the Shetland Isles, Shetland ponies eat an unusual plant that’s not available at The Ranch.  Watch the video to find out what it is and see what our ponies enjoy eating as an alternative.

Watch the video to find out more

We’d love to see you for pony riding fun soon

We are excited to let you know that Shetland Pony Club is opening for riding from 4 July for existing bookings and Pony Share Members only. Our July bookings for all riding will open shortly afterwards.

We are proud to be one of the first riding schools in the country to be awarded the Association of British Riding Schools Certification for COVID-19 Safe Working Practices.  Having risk-assessed our riding in the light of the government guidelines, we have changed the age for riding to a minimum of 4 years old, until further notice.

Keep an eye on our weekly email, social media and the website here for more information and our plans for riding safely. The ponies would love to see you for riding fun from age 4+ soon. (Updated 1 July 2020).

Shetland Pony Club Online – join now for free

You can enjoy our new Online Shetland Pony Club website. It’s packed with lots of pony fun, craft and learning for you to enjoy. You can sign up here for free now.

Rescheduling information

  • All paid bookings from July onwards – If your child is aged 4+ we may need to reschedule some July bookings to a different time for social distancing reasons and will contact you, should this be necessary. If your child is less than 4 years old, we will need to postpone your booking for now and will contact you about this in the coming weeks – please bear with us.
  • Parties – we will contact you to discuss your party booking.
  • Gift Vouchers – expiry dates will be extended if you are unable to use them within the current expiry period.
  • Pony Share Membership – we are contacting members regularly about their pony.
  • Refunds – we hope that you will support the ponies, if you are able to, by accepting a voucher code to ride in the future.  Should you require a refund instead, please email us and we will organise this for you.

Take care from

The Shetland Pony Club Team and all the Shetland ponies

Contact us on: 07734 950 309 or email: