Find out how to keep Shetland ponies warm in winter in this week’s video from Shetland Pony Club.

Do Shetland ponies prefer the cold weather?

Shetland ponies come from the Shetland Islands which are 120 miles north of mainland Scotland in the North Sea.  The weather is very wet there and so Shetland ponies are bred to cope with cold and wet weather, and they prefer it to the heat.

How to keep Shetland ponies warm in winter?

Shetland ponies have several ways to keep warm. First, they are compact and naturally fat, so they have less surface area to lose heat from.

They also have a special fluffy coat with two layers, short hair next to the body to keep them warm and longer hairs to trap a layer of air next to the skin. So, Shetland ponies have a built-in duvet, and unless they are old or their coat is not fluffy, they can be warmer without a rug.

Why do Shetland ponies eat hay in winter?

Shetland ponies eat hay in winter when there is less grass. They have a special digestive system which is called hindgut fermentation. This is how they break down grass and hay and it acts as an internal central heating system. So as long as the ponies keep eating, they keep warm.

Finally, Shetland ponies like to run around and play in winter to keep warm and be sociable with their friends.

Watch the video to find out more:

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Do take a moment to learn how to keep Shetland ponies warm in winter, in this week’s video.

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