Meet the Shetland ponies

Meet the Shetland ponies

Each adorable Shetland pony at Shetland Pony Club has his own webpage. Take a look here and see which is your favourite Shetland pony.

Enjoy our favourite videos of the Shetland ponies

Here’s some of our previous Shetland Pony Club TV mini-films about the very special ponies which we hope you will enjoy.

The Happy Tale of Cupcake

We really care about Shetland ponies and want them to be healthy and happy and we know that you do too. So we’d like to share with you the Happy Tale of Cupcake, one of our retired Shetland ponies.


We’d love you to come and meet Honeybee, our smallest pony at Shetland Pony Club. Gentle and kind, Honeybee is a sweet; pretty pony who is often the first pony that children ride when they come to visit us. Honeybee is loved by children from all over the world. We hope you will enjoy this little tribute to him and share it with your friends and family.

We love you Honeybee.

Love your Shetland pony

We’d like to share with you how everyone loves being with Shetland ponies and building a special bond with them. We hope that you enjoy looking at these happy moments at Shetland Pony Club – we love you, Shetlands.

Breakfast with Toby the Shetland pony

This week join Toby the Shetland Pony for his private breakfast at Shetland Pony Club away from the other ponies. Find out why he needs an extra special daily feed in the winter…and who is trying to pinch it.

How to make your pony love you

Do you love Shetland ponies? Then you’ve come to the right place. This film will show you how children from 2½ years old can build a special bond with a Shetland pony. You will see how to love and care for him and enjoy pony fun in the countryside.

Breakfast with Toffee, a special Shetland pony

Shetland ponies love their breakfast but some will go to any lengths to have two helpings. Toffee is a very clever Shetland pony. See what he does to make sure that his tummy doesn’t rumble? Come and meet Toffee and get to know him and all the other ponies at Shetland Pony Club and see what tricks they all get up to.

Crème Brulee learns a new trick

Shetland ponies love to learn new tricks. In this short film you can see Creme Brulee learning a new party piece. Have you seen him do this at the ranch? Which other ponies can do this trick at Shetland Pony Club?

Creme Brulee wants his oats

It’s harvest time at Shetland Pony Club and Creme Brulee wants oats for breakfast. Are they good for Shetland ponies? Can other horses eat oats? There is only one pony at the ranch who has oats for breakfast. Find out who in our mini film?

Shetland Pony Makeover: mud to marvellous – with Hector Moonbeam

See what happens when Shetland Pony Hector Moonbeam is needed for fashion shoots and TV shows at Shetland Pony Club.  But, he has rolled in the mud …oh no! Watch his makeover from mud to marvellous…. Because he’s worth it.

Muffin’s mud bath

Our Shetland Pony Muffin is muddier than ever this winter. Check out this week’s Shetland Pony Club TV to see why he rolls and who else is rolling with him? Watch the video to find out more…

Sundance, the Shetland Pony’s secret

Sundance is our only Shetland Pony to wear a rug all winter. Check out this week’s Shetland Pony Club TV to see why. Watch the video to find out more…

Spot the Shetland Pony Difference

At Shetland Pony Club we have lots of different coloured Shetland Ponies. But can you tell which one is which? At first glance Crème Brulee and Crème Caramel look the same… how can you tell them apart? What are the special names for their colours?

Watch the video to find out more…

Toffee and the Wild Horses

Toffee the Shetland has very special markings also found on wild horses.

Can you find out what they are?

Toffee may look like a wild horse, but do you think he could survive in the wild?

Watch the video to find out more…

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