Join Rosemary in this week’s video to see how our new Shetland Pony Bilbo settles in.

When a new pony arrives at Shetland Pony Club we take great care to ensure they are introduced safely to the rest of the Shetlands, as some of the ponies can get jealous. We have over 20 ponies at The Ranch and they are all so excited to meet Bilbo. However, it takes a long time to introduce them all, over three weeks Rosemary will introduce one pony a day.

Find out if Bilbo makes friends:

  • We started off by introducing Elgin Sunset, an older pony, who doesn’t take any notice of young Bilbo.
  • Snowy and Toffee however want to play with Bilbo, you can see them racing around the field together having fun. Who is the fastest?
  • After 3 weeks of meeting lots of new friends, Bilbo looks settled and happy. Can you see which pony he is rubbing at the end of the video?

Find out more about Bilbo here.

Watch the video to find out more: Our new Shetland Pony Bilbo settles in

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