Pony advice on horse riding and pony care from Shetland Pony Club

Our pony advice blog and video series is here, all in one place to help you learn all you want to know about learning to horse ride, pony care and starting out with ponies.

Whether it’s how to catch a pony, how to put on a bridle or saddle, how to walk, or trot, we will show you how to begin safety.  Find out all about ponies here.


Guess the weight of our Shetland Pony

How much does a Shetland pony weigh? We want to know so that we can see if a Shetland pony's weight changes over the season and to help them have accurate doses of medicine when the vet comes. So, we were really excited when our new pony weighing scales have arrived...

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Shetland Ponies and the Salt Lick

In this weeks' video, Shetland Ponies and the Salt Lick, find out why our Shetland Ponies need salt in their diet. At this time of year, Spring, the grass is very juicy and tasty.  But, it can also lack minerals and salt, so it’s good to provide the ponies with some...

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Shetland Pony Survival in the Snow

Shetland Pony Survival in the Snow What are the Shetland Pony Survival issues in the prolonged snowy weather? It’s been minus 10 degrees for several days.  The winter wind the "Beast from the East" has an icy grip on the ranch. This means the water tanks are frozen...

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Open wide for the pony dentist

Find out what happens when the pony dentist visits Shetland Pony Club Did you know that horses and ponies need to go to the pony dentist?  Well a pony needs to look after his teeth in the same way as we do. Ponies eat tough grasses which can wear down their teeth...

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How to clean a Shetland pony’s eyes

This week, in one of our pony advice videos, we learn how to clean a Shetland pony’s eyes. Parents and children often ask us how to care for a pony’s eyes. What do you need to clean a pony’s eyes? How do you clean them safely? Watch the video to find out more:...

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Booking your child’s first pony ride

Shetland Pony Advice Guides You are thinking of booking your child’s first pony ride? How exciting! Whether it’s for a special treat, or something you’d like to continue, we can help your child start riding in the beautiful English countryside. Watch the video to find...

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How to dismount from a Shetland pony

This week, is our 150th episode of Shetland Pony Club TV. It’s exciting that our Shetland ponies are watched in 175 countries all around the world. Thank you so much for watching. Parents and children often ask us how to ride and care for ponies. We’ve helped over...

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