Shetland Pony Club Rewilding Project

Welcome to our Shetland Pony Club Rewilding Project

In the Shetland Pony Club Rewilding Project, we are educating children about how and why we are rewilding our land with Shetland ponies.winter-holidays-for-shetland-ponies-samson-eating-the-long-grass

What is rewilding?

There are a few different definitions out there, but the way we look at it, here at Rewilding, is that we allow nature to take back our previously cultivated land, and promote natural growth and development. We don’t pick or choose what grows or lives in our fields and with the aid of large herbivores (in our case our Shetland Ponies and local Roe Deer), nature will take its course.

Dinky and Balmoral - Shetland ponies rewilding

What will we do for a school trip?

We will go on a 2-hour adventure where the children get to learn and experience the nature we find in Surrey. Each child will be able to learn about how our local plants and animals live with one another and how important each organism is to the other.

Along with learning about nature, the children will be able to meet our infamous Shetland Ponies who play a key role in our rewilding process. The children will learn some basic animal husbandry skills and be able to lead their ponies in small teams.

The children will be outside and exploring nature first hand, we have also looked at the National Curriculum so that we can support their learning as effectively as possible. Here is a Wheatear that they may get to see in the rewilding fields at Shetland Pony Club

Wheatear at Shetland Pony Club Aug 2022

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Come and join us on our Shetland Pony Club Rewilding Project for a great day outdoors, and see the nature that is here with us in Surrey. Explore, play, learn and most importantly have lots of fun as you do so!

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