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Shetland pony Creme Brulee wins Face of Amazon Pets

Creme Brulee is a winning Shetland pony Our Shetland Pony Creme Brulee has trotted off with the 2018 Face of Amazon Pets award, beating thousands of entries from across the UK. Crème Brulee was chosen from thousands of pets of all shapes and sizes in a nationwide pet...

Beginner’s guide to tacking up a Shetland Pony

What do you know about tacking up a Shetland Pony? Well “tack” is the name we use for the Shetland pony’s saddle and bridle. Pony advice guide This week’s Shetland Pony Club TV is a pony advice video. In this beginner’s guide to tacking up a Shetland Pony, Rosemary...

Shetland pony heart rate – what should it be?

Do you know what a Shetland pony’s heart rate should be? How fast does a Shetland pony’s heart beat and how can you tell? Pony advice video This week’s Shetland Pony Club TV is a pony advice video.   We visit the ranch on Vet’s Day at Shetland Pony Club camp. Join the...

Face of Amazon Pets for Shetland Pony

Our Shetland Pony, Creme Brulee, is entering the Face of Amazon Pets competition. Creme Brulee loves dressing up and being photographed so it’s the ideal job for him. To help our adorable Shetland pony win please go over to his Instagram account here:...

Hottest Shetland Pony Summer Ever

It's official...It's been the hottest ever summer on record in England - phew! Hot stuff for Shetland ponies See how our Shetland ponies and the team at Shetland Pony Club coped with the hot weather.  What did they do during the hottest summer ever? Watch the video to...

Shetland Pony paddling : TV Episode 192

Shetland Pony Paddling: TV Episode 192 Its been such a hot summer that we have spent a lot of it paddling and swimming with the Shetland Ponies in the beautiful River Mole on our farm. Join us on our last trip to the river this summer and find out just how hot it has...

Breakfast at Shetland Pony Club Camp

Shetland pony breakfast time It's Shetland Pony Club camp time and the ponies need a big breakfast to prepare for their busy day ahead -  just like us! Join us at Shetland pony breakfast time. Honeybee is keen on his breakfast, so are Sundance and Gordon. Find out...

Guess the weight of our Shetland Pony

How much does a Shetland pony weigh? We want to know so that we can see if a Shetland pony's weight changes over the season and to help them have accurate doses of medicine when the vet comes. So, we were really excited when our new pony weighing scales have arrived...

Shetland ponies try ice lollies!

Do Shetland ponies like ice lollies? We recently went to a care home with our Shetland ponies on a very hot day. The ponies were given some ice lollies as a thank you for visiting.  We were not sure if they would like them. What do you think? Watch the video to find...

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