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Guess the weight of our Shetland Pony

How much does a Shetland pony weigh? We want to know so that we can see if a Shetland pony's weight changes over the season and to help them have accurate doses of medicine when the vet comes. So, we were really excited when our new pony weighing scales have arrived...

Shetland ponies try ice lollies!

Do Shetland ponies like ice lollies? We recently went to a care home with our Shetland ponies on a very hot day. The ponies were given some ice lollies as a thank you for visiting.  We were not sure if they would like them. What do you think? Watch the video to find...

Shetland Pony Chill Out!

It's way too hot at the ranch - 34 degrees is very hot for England - time for a Shetland pony chill out at the river. Come and enjoy our Shetland pony paddling with the children and ponies. Shetland pony chill out! Shetland ponies are bred to live in the very cold...

Enjoy Shetland Pony Club’s 10th Anniversary Party

Wow - it’s been 10 years of Shetland pony fun! To celebrate 10 years of Shetland Pony Club we held a 10th Anniversary Party - a Shetland pony picnic at The Ranch. We were delighted to welcome back past members, staff and so many friends who have helped us at Shetland...

Shetland Pony Inspection

It’s the Shetland Pony Inspection this week for the Association of British Riding Schools (ABRS). There’s lots of work to be done to make sure that the ponies are ready. Shetland Pony Inspection The saddler has been to check all the saddles and bridles to ensure that...

Shetland ponies play World Cup Football

Do the Shetland ponies love the World Cup Football? In this week’s video World Cup fever has hit the ranch! Honeybee is the team manager and the ponies are trying out for his football team. Who will make the grade and be part of Honeybee’s dream team for the World Cup...

2 Shetland ponies go for a swim

Watch this week’s Shetland pony Club TV to see which 2 Shetland ponies go for a swim. We’re having a heatwave in England and a swim in the river is the perfect way to cool off. Do the ponies like swimming? Watch the video to find out more: Book ahead for summer riding...

Why do Shetland Ponies play Grandma’s Footsteps?

Some of our Shetland Ponies have been playing Grandma’s Footsteps at Shetland Pony Club this week. Why are they following Andrew up the field at the ranch? Who is first to spot what he is doing? Which pony is missing out on the game? Watch the video to find out more:...

Where do Shetland Ponies go at night?

Have you ever wondered: where do Shetland Ponies go at night? This week we join Rosemary as she visits the Shetland ponies at night time to find out what they get up to at the ranch. Ponies are flight animals and they enjoy being in the open air.  They can sleep...

Learning to horse whisper with Shetland Ponies

This week we join Rosemary and Tom as they are learning to horse whisper with Shetland Ponies Robin Hood and Crème Caramel. Horse whispering is a way of working naturally with horses. It trains people in equine behavior and how to work well together with their ponies....

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