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Creme Brulee the Shetland pony unwraps a parcel

It’s an exciting day because a big box has arrived at the Ranch and Creme Brulee the Shetland pony unwraps a parcel to find out what's in it. Creme Brulee is a famous Shetland pony, who is the Face of Amazon Pets for 2019.  He is very photogenic and has lots of fans,...

New Shetland pony, Snowdrop, arrives at The Ranch

It’s an exciting day at The Ranch because our new Shetland pony, Snowdrop, is arriving. Snowdrop is a small, white Shetland pony, properly described as a grey pony. He is 9 years old and very little at just 33 inches high. What happens when a new Shetland pony...

Vet day at Shetland Pony Club Camp

Do you want to be a vet? Lots of our team at Shetland Pony Club are Vet Students or planning to become a vet and lots of the children who visit us want to be vet too. On Pony Club camp we run a vet day where you can take your certificate in pony health from the...

First Shetland Pony Swim of the Summer

Summer's here and there is already a heatwave in the UK!  Time to take the ponies to the river for a cool off. Some of the ponies like to play in the water and others just like to stand a chill in the cool running water.  Apart from being lots of fun cool, running...

Toby the Shetland Pony’s Retirement Party

It was Shetland pony Toby's retirement party this week at the Ranch.   Toby is 30 years old and has been enjoying taking young children riding at Shetland Pony Club for 10 years. How did Toby get ready for his party? Toby wanted to look good for his party.  Find out...

Learn how to play polo on a Shetland pony

Learn how to play polo on a Shetland pony in this week’s episode of Shetland Pony Club TV. What is polo? Polo is an exciting game played on polo ponies at the gallop.  It's very skilled when played well, but everybody has to start somewhere. So how do I start to learn...

How can I ride the same pony each week?

Find out how you can ride the same pony each week at Shetland Pony Club. Advice on Pony Ownership Parents often ask us all about buying and owning a Shetland pony.  When they find out how much it costs (the British Horse Society estimates that it costs about £7,000...

Summer school trip fun at Shetland Pony Club

Join us this week as we enjoy a summer school trip to Shetland Pony Club with the pupils from St. Teresa's School in Effingham, Surrey. There’s lots to learn about looking after Shetland ponies. See how the children get on when they come to visit the ponies. Summer...

Don’t miss out on Shetland Pony Club Summer Camp

Sssshhh! We're getting in touch because we don’t want you to miss out on Shetland Pony Club Summer Camp days and weeks.  Our August weeks are almost fully booked, so make sure you book now, before it’s too late. Who can come to camp? You need to be 5-10 years old to...

On white horses let me ride away!

A dream come true; on white horses let me ride away! Sit back and enjoy the adorable Shetland ponies in week’s Shetland Pony Club TV. It’s June and the moon daisies and poppies are in full flower at The Ranch.  Enjoy this delightful film of the white horses and...

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