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At what age can you ride a Shetland pony?

In this week’s pony information video, we find out all about the minimum age you need to be to ride a Shetland pony and lots more. At what age can you ride a Shetland pony? Rosemary talks us through the minimum and maximum age you need to be to ride a Shetland pony. ...

Shetland Pony Dentist

Shetland Pony Dentist’s visit – surely not? Did you know that there is a Shetland Pony Dentist?  Our equine dentist, Rob, is highly trained and comes to visit the Shetland ponies every year. So how do we know if the ponies need the dentist?  Find out what to look for...

Shetland Pony Vet Visit

There’s a Shetland Pony vet visit happening at The Ranch this week and we are getting prepared with the ponies.  First, we need to find out how much the ponies weigh, so that they can be given the right amount of vaccination. Then, we need to have every pony ready as...

Come Shetland Pony Trekking

The weather is wonderful at Shetland Pony Club and so it’s time for some Shetland Pony Trekking at The Ranch. How exciting! Toffee, the Shetland pony, needs a big breakfast as the children are going Shetland Pony Trekking with him. Which other ponies will join him?...

Keeping up with the Easter Egg Hunt

It’s time for the Easter Egg Hunt at Shetland Pony Club. How exciting! Toffee, the Shetland pony, is getting decorated and ready to go with all his friends. There’s an Easter Egg Hunt on at Shetland Pony Club and Toffee wants to look his best. See how he gets...

Your First Pony Ride

It’s time for your first pony ride. How exciting! Let’s find out what happens on a Starter Ride at Shetland Pony Club.  How do you get your pony ready for riding and what do you have to wear? How do you get on to a Shetland pony?  What do you do at the end of the ride...

Shetland Pony Easter Egg Hunt

It’s time to get ready for our Shetland Pony Easter Egg Hunt. How exciting! Toffee and Dinky love Easter and are helping to lay the Easter Egg Hunt trail around our meadows at Shetland Pony Club. See what they get up to.  Do they find any Easter Eggs for ponies and...

Shetland Ponies Morning Routine

Did you know that our Shetland Ponies' morning routine is quite a busy one?  They love to come and be ridden by the children, but first, they need to get ready for their busy day. Shetland Ponies Morning Routine What kinds of things do you do in the mornings?  Do you...

Horses & cows – what’s the difference in their stomachs?

Horses & cows both like eating grass, but did you know that they digest their food in different ways.  In this pony advice and information film, you can learn what's the difference in their stomachs. You may have noticed that horses are always eating, but...

Shetland Pony Stampede

Shetland Pony Stampede There’s a Shetland Pony Stampede going on at The Ranch!  What’s caused all the excitement for the ponies? Well, it’s a really windy day at Shetland Pony Club – so windy that we have closed for the day.  The ponies are out having fun.  They have...

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