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A pony for Christmas? Who needs the John Lewis ad!

A pony for Christmas? Would you like a pony for Christmas? Find out how you could make your child’s dreams come true this Christmas in our delightful Shetland Pony Christmas ad.  It’s full of gorgeous ponies and snow and it’s our Shetland pony alternative to the John...

Shetland pony reindeers switch on Christmas lights

Stop ponies! We need to find some Shetland pony reindeers to switch on the Christmas lights at our local pub. Which Shetland pony reindeer looks the best? Who can keep his horns on and wear a rug and tinsel all evening? Shetland pony reindeers – who’s best to choose?...

Stop that Shetland pony galloping about!

Stop that Shetland pony galloping about at The Ranch. What is he doing and why? Batman is galloping about in the big field at The Ranch. He is joined by Samson and Crème Caramel and they are galloping really fast. What is making them run away and how fast can they...

Shetland ponies chill out under the rainbow

Watch the Shetland ponies chill out under the rainbow.  As the season draws to a close the Shetland ponies are preparing for their winter holidays by chilling out. Shetland ponies chill out See how the Shetland ponies relax in the beautiful Surrey countryside,...

Shetland Pony Club’s War Horse Poppy Parade

Shetland Pony Club marked the centenary of the end of the Great War with a War Horse Poppy Parade. Members and friends of Shetland Pony Club came together to create a War Horse Poppy Garden in support of the British Legion’s Poppy Appeal. The children prepared the...

Remembering the War Horses

This weekend we will be Remembering the War Horses as part of the commemorations to mark 100 years after the end of the Great War 1914-1918. Over half a million horses were requisitioned from the UK.  They were farm horses used to pull military equipment and riding...

Toby the Shetland pony’s Halloween Prank

Toby the Shetland pony is up to no good at the ranch.  He is our oldest Shetland pony. So, he knows a thing or two about Halloween and how to play tricks on the other Shetland ponies. Whilst the other Shetland ponies are playing in the moonlight, Toby the Shetland...

The Shetland pony story

Special episode 200 of Shetland Pony Club TV To celebrate our 200th episode of Shetland Pony Club TV we have an extended film where we discover the origins of the Shetland pony.  It’s amazing to think that our Shetland Ponies have made 200 episodes of Shetland Pony...

Behind the scenes of the Face of Amazon Pets Video

This week we go behind the scenes of the Face of Amazon Pets Video.  We find out how Shetland pony Crème Brulee’s adorable video was made at Shetland Pony Club. Behind the scenes with a Shetland pony First Crème Brulee had to be shampooed and cleaned to make him look...

Shetland pony Creme Brulee wins Face of Amazon Pets

Creme Brulee is a winning Shetland pony Our Shetland Pony Creme Brulee has trotted off with the 2018 Face of Amazon Pets award, beating thousands of entries from across the UK. Crème Brulee was chosen from thousands of pets of all shapes and sizes in a nationwide pet...

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