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What not to buy when you start riding?

In this week’s pony advice video, save yourself some money and find out what not to buy when you start riding. Do you need all that stuff? There is an overwhelming amount of riding gear that’s there to tempt you, when you start riding. You can get riding equipment for...

Children’s riding boots – what’s best?

Join Rosemary in this week’s pony advice video to learn all about children’s riding boots and find out what’s best to buy. See the different types of riding boots that are available for children. What are the differences and benefits of long and short jodhpur boots?...

Riding hats for children

Join Rosemary in this week’s pony advice video to learn all about riding hats for children. She will show you the different types of hat that are available for children. Find out what to look out for when you buy a hat for your child. What are the latest safety...

Horsey Jargon Buster 3 – Colours

Have you ever heard people talking about horses’ colours and it makes no sense? Join Rosemary in this video to learn all about horses and ponies’ colours. In this third of our jargon buster videos we show you some colours and explain why they have the names that they...

Horsey Jargon Buster 2 – Breeds and Types

Have you ever heard people talking about horses and wonder what they mean? Join Rosemary in this series to learn all about horses and ponies. In this second of our jargon buster videos we explain a few confusing terms you may come across in the horsey world. Horsey...

Horsey Jargon Buster 1 – horses or ponies?

What's the difference between horses and ponies? Join Rosemary in our new Jargon Buster video series to learn all about horses and ponies and the words used around them. In this first of our Jargon Buster series we look at the number one question that people ask at...

Review of 2018

Shetland Pony Club - Review of 2018 It’s the last Shetland Pony Club TV of 2018 and time for our review of the year. Join us as we look back on a brilliant twelve months of pony fun.  From the Beast from the East, with Royal Wedding and World Cup fun, through to...

Shetland pony snow time!

It’s Shetland pony snow time this week as we enjoy our last episode of Shetland Pony Club TV before Christmas. See what happened one Christmas eve when it snowed at the ranch.  What did the ponies do? Enjoy the video of the Shetland ponies in the Christmas snow. Watch...

A pony for Christmas? Who needs the John Lewis ad!

A pony for Christmas? Would you like a pony for Christmas? Find out how you could make your child’s dreams come true this Christmas in our delightful Shetland Pony Christmas ad.  It’s full of gorgeous ponies and snow and it’s our Shetland pony alternative to the John...

Shetland pony reindeers switch on Christmas lights

Stop ponies! We need to find some Shetland pony reindeers to switch on the Christmas lights at our local pub. Which Shetland pony reindeer looks the best? Who can keep his horns on and wear a rug and tinsel all evening? Shetland pony reindeers – who’s best to choose?...

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