This charming video was made for our seventh anniversary and it is a the true tale of how we started Shetland Pony Club.

Hope you enjoy it


Shetland Pony Club is the leading provider of Shetland Pony experiences in the UK, uniquely offering riding and a pony share membership scheme for children from the age 2½ – 10 years old. Our ponies are lead by our trained staff and so it is easy and safe for all children to join in. No experience is necessary to start riding with us.

Based at a stylish ranch on our private estate in Cobham, Surrey, we will introduce your children to riding and ponies in a safe and gentle way. We are fully insured, registered and licensed by the local authority and committed to the highest standard of pony welfare.

Our well-trained Shetlands and experienced staff are on hand to help you enjoy many fun-filled days getting to know your pony in the beautiful English countryside.


Our aim at Shetland Pony Club is to introduce children and parents to ponies in a fun and safe way with no pressure. We have many years experience of successfully introducing children to the fun of riding Shetland ponies and have given countless children their first pony ride. Starting with just one Shetland pony in 2008 we now have eighteen waiting to welcome you.

As farmers in Surrey for three generations we have access to private woods and meadows. Our visitors are amazed how beautiful their county, so close to London, really is. We encourage parents, children and ponies to regularly enjoy being outdoors together in our beautiful environment.

Watch as your child develops a special bond with their very first pony.

Together we will create childhood memories that will last a lifetime.

Ponies are part of an English childhood … we hope you will share some special times with us. Find out more about riding with us