Our Shetland ponies are engaging companions who enjoy company. Carefully selected for their placid nature and fondness for children they are the perfect introduction to horsemanship. They enjoy being groomed, played with, ridden or just being taken for a walk.  Our ponies are all geldings (boys) and they are all different colours and personalities. There are three sizes of Shetland ponies, miniatures and midis for children up to six year olds. The larger standard Shetland ponies are suitable for children from six to approximately ten years old.

Click on each of the pony’s pictures to see their videos and read all about them:

Shetland ponies who have passed away

We are often asked about how Shetland Pony Club started – and Billyboon, was our first Shetland pony.  We have also been lucky enough to have Falkland,The Parachute Regimental mascot, for his retirement.  Cupcake was rescued and spent many happy years with us too.

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