Meet Tintin, one of our newest ponies at Shetland Pony Club. He is a medium-sized Shetland pony, called a midi. His height is 86cm or 34inches high. Shetland ponies are measured in inches, not hands, but if people ask, he is 8 hands and 2 inches high (hh). Ponies are measured from the ground to the wither (shoulder) using a measuring stick.

Tintin - pony at Shetland Pony Club

Facts about Tintin

Age: 15 years old
Size: Midi Shetland
Colour: Grey (the proper name for a white pony).
Male or female: Male
Hoof colour: black.  His black hooves are the easiest way to tell him apart from Snowdrop, who has white hooves.

Unicorn team

Tintin is a very experienced pony.  He has been ridden by a 4-year-old boy and attended lots of events and shows. He is an ideal first pony for children to learn to ride on. Starter Rides and Own a Pony Experiences are the perfect way to enjoy riding on him.

Tintin is a confident pony who is very happy with his friends in the herd at Shetland Pony Club.

Tintin eats on grass and hay from our own farms. He has a little hard feed to keep his minerals and vitamins at the right level. Feeding a Shetland correctly is an art. Too much feed and they can get laminitis, a painful condition of the hoof, so we keep a close eye on them. He is fond of grass and so we have to watch his diet carefully.

TV Star

He stars in some Shetland Pony Club TV episodes, have a look at him arriving in this video:

Tintin has made lots of friends at The Ranch.  Watch him playing with them here:

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