All about Pony Share Membership

Pony Share Membership-You can experience a pony of your own, the easy way, with Pony Share Membership. Learn to ride, build a bond with your pony, come regularly to our club and enjoy pony fun in the countryside. Join our waitlist for 2024. 

  • Pony Membership – a pony of your own each week, 2 hours, from age 4+ £275 per month.
  • Mini Membership – a pony of your own each week, 45 minutes, from age 3+ £195 per month.

Feel free to contact us with any questions too, by email at or call the office: 07734 950309. Watch the video to find out more (this is about Pony Membership from age 4 years).


There are two types of pony memberships to enjoy:

  • Pony Membership – a pony of your own each week, 2 hours, from age 4+
  • Mini Membership – a pony of your own each week, 45 minutes, from age 3+

What’s included in Pony Share Membership Your own pony every week – we will help you choose from our 20 well-trained ponies. Then enjoy the same pony every week to make friends with.

Members Whats included table 2023

*Mini Members learn simple age-appropriate “pony pointers” whilst Pony Members learn pony care, grooming, tacking up, safety, leading, tack cleaning, paddock care and horse whispering.

What are the practicalities?

How Pony Share Membership works

  • Come every week at the same time March – November (you can join at the start of a month)
  • Enjoy a pony ride with your own pony and staff member to help you
  • Parents can join in, or children can be left if aged 5+
  • No need to worry about daily mucking out and feeding
  • No bills for vets, feeding, stabling, foot trimming and equine dentist

Shetland Pony Share Membership is the ideal way to enjoy all the fun of owning a pony, without the worries. It’s a great way to start, so let’s find out all about both options.

What is involved in owning your own pony?

Which pony will I have?

  • We can help you choose the right pony for you and can advise you
  • You may already have a favourite and if he is free he can be guaranteed for you when you join as a member
  • Talk to Rosemary for advice on which pony may be best or email the office
  • We are very experienced at matching children with the perfect pony and will find you the perfect match for pony fun

What if I can’t come?

  • There are some flexible sessions included in all Pony Share Memberships to be used at times that suit you

What happens in the winter?

  • The ponies rest in the winter  (December, January and February) when it is cold, dark and muddy, and you can rest too
  • All winter pony bills and pony care are met by us

Much easier than buying your own pony

  • No pony buying cost or struggle to find the right pony
  • Avoid costly mistakes with buying the wrong pony
  • No experience needed …we have plenty to share with you
  • It costs much less than keeping your own pony. The British Horse Society survey quotes the average annual cost of just keeping a pony is £7,000

What our members say…

* “Thank you for such an amazing adventure over the last four years”

* “Shetland Pony Club has been brilliant and Crème Brulee is the best pony in the world. I will love him forever”

* “She has enjoyed riding so much & has really learned to love and bond with the Shetland ponies“

* “We like the idea of our child being outside and learning how to care for animals”

* “My favourite day was dressing up our ponies for the gymkhana”

* “I can’t wait till summer and river swimming with the ponies again”

* “It’s a lovely place – they are very friendly here”

How much does it cost?

  • Pony Membership is £275 / month from March to November
  • Mini Membership is £195 / month from March to November

You can pay the first month by calling the office on 07734 950 309. We will set up a direct debit with you after that.

What if I want to cancel my membership?

Don’t worry,  you can cancel your membership direct debit at any time.

What do I get when I join?

We will send our lovely welcome pack to you or direct to the lucky recipient!

You can now join the waiting list for ponies.

Do get in touch if you have any questions: or call the office on 07734 950309.

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