Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are your most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for riding at Shetland Pony Club. We hope you find them useful.

Where is your Coronavirus information?

There is a special page with all the latest COVID-19 information on here.

What kind of riding do you do and what should I book?

Shetland Pony Club specialises in beginners’ pony riding and we are all about pony fun. Children get to meet and greet their pony, brush him and get him ready, as well as riding. We have a helper for each child and they are led on their pony around our meadows, rather than in a riding arena.  There are different types of rides that you can book that are explained on our riding page here.

When are you open?

Shetland Pony Club is open from March to the end of November each season at weekends and holidays for children from age 3 – 10. Bookings are by appointment only, and we do get very busy so do book ahead for pony fun here:

book now

Do you only have Shetland ponies?

Yes. We specialise in Shetland ponies as we have years of experience in working with them and very young children. There are miniature Shetland ponies suitable for children from age 3 – 6 years old and Standard Shetland Ponies which are bigger and can be ridden by children aged 6 – 10 years old depending on their height. The maximum height for children is five feet (153 cm) and the maximum weight is seven stone (45kg).

Creme Brulee and the Moon Daisies

What age can children start pony riding?

We recommend children begin at 3 years old or later, with a Starter Ride. The ponies can take children up to about age 10. Starting at a young age can result in the development of a secure natural riding seat but perhaps more importantly early happy memories will sow the seed of love of ponies.  Our aim is to introduce ponies in a relaxed and natural setting so that it is fun, safe and easy for everyone. 

Children can ride from 2.5 at Shetland Pony Club

What is the maximum age, height and weight to ride a Shetland pony?

We have bigger Shetland ponies for older children, and we will choose a suitable pony for your child to ride. The maximum age for riding at Shetland Pony Club is 10 years old.  However, there is some flexibility with this age, depending on the child’s height and weight. The maximum weight for riding a Shetland pony with us is 7 stone or 45kg, (100lb). The maximum height for riding a Shetland pony  with us is 5 ft or 153cm. If you have concerns about your child’s age, height or weight, do contact us to discuss it before booking your ride on 07734 950 309 or

Can special needs children ride?

Special needs children and those needing extra support are very welcome. However, as there are such a wide range of special needs, we do need to understand carefully what each child’s specific needs are, to ensure that we can accommodate them safely. We may need to bring in extra staff so we MUST know in advance what your child’s needs are to be safe around the ponies. Please call the office to arrange to talk through your child’s needs before making a booking. 07734 950 309.

What can parents do at Shetland Pony Club?

The parents viewing gallery is proving very popular, with lovely socially distanced benches, to enjoy watching the children ride and just being in the countryside. The children love riding near you and showing off their riding skills too. We have free coffee and compost loos, so parents can sit and relax whilst we take care of the riding with your children.

Are you a traditional riding school?

No. We are quite different from a traditional riding school in that we create the magical learning experience of having your own pony. Led by our experienced team they will introduce you to owning a pony and help you learn your first all-important steps with horses. Our ponies are suitable for beginners riding. We are approved by the Association of British Riding Schools and operate to their standards in a natural environment with a fun-based educational ethos. Our senior team are trained in horses and riding. Liz Earl is a BHS Stage 3 Coach

Can I ride Shetland ponies off the lead rein?

Lead rein riding is where your pony is led and controlled by a helper walking alongside your pony. Children must remain on the lead rein and will be accompanied by our staff for their safety. Pony share members can work towards riding off the lead rein under the instruction of Julie Cousens, our British Horse Society Certified Instructor.

Do you do riding lessons?

Shetland Pony Club introduces children to the basics of being around and riding ponies. Our Own a Pony Experiences and pony day camps are educational and fun but are not formal lessons in an arena. We ride in the open meadows on the lead rein. It is easy and fun for all.

Formal lessons are available to our pony share membership scheme children only and taught by a qualified instructor when the children are ready to move on and learn to ride off the lead rein and jump.

Summer Camp - Jumping

More Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I am not “horsey”… does it matter?

No. Riding at Shetland Pony Club is designed to encourage everyone to get to know ponies better and enjoy being with them. Our experienced team are there to help you every step of the way. Riding will open a whole new world of outdoor fun up for you and your child.  We run short home study pony courses for parents to help your child start riding.

Taster session at Shetland Pony Club

Isn’t riding dangerous?

You must be aware that although our ponies are well trained, riding is a risk sport and ponies can sometimes bite, kick and be unpredictable. Your child may slide off the pony when riding.  Care must be taken to see that they do not tread on your toes. We take every care to minimize the risks and teach the children how to be safe around ponies.

Children will be given a safety talk before riding our ponies. Hard hats are provided to the latest safety specification and we use safety saddle pads for beginners with no stirrups to ensure that they cannot get caught on them.

Do you have safety insurance and risk assessment documentation?

We hold public liability insurance and are licensed annually by Elmbridge Borough Council. We are approved by the Association of British Riding Schools and operate to their standards. Our senior staff are also DBS checked and are trained in first aid and child safeguarding. We are members of the Equestrian Employers Association and Charter Members of the Children and Nature Network.

We use Safety Aide as health and Safety Consultants and are regularly audited. We risk assessing our activities and take appropriate actions.  You can download a copy of our latest risk assessment here.

What equipment do I need for pony riding?

We supply hard hats, which are specially selected for size and comfort for small children. Body protectors are not required for riding Shetland ponies. Riding boots or stout shoes are recommended. We use saddle pads that do not have stirrups to ensure that children cannot get caught on them.  Wellington boots or trainers are fine. A waterproof jacket and leggings are a good idea. Adults should wear wellingtons or comfortable shoes for walking in the fields.

Riding at Shetland Pony Club

Can I leave the children with you?

Children may be left with us for camps if they are aged five and over. For children who are younger, a parent needs to remain on site.


I’m an adult, but I love Shetland Ponies.  Can I come and visit?

There is Shetland Pony Walking for adults. It’s the perfect way for grown-ups to enjoy Shetland ponies in the lovely Surrey countryside. Come and spend time, enjoying and leading your very own Shetland pony.

Do we need to book?

Yes. We are very busy and all rides are booked in advance. You can book online or by telephoning the office on 07734 950 309 or 01372 844077. Payment is required at time of booking. PayPal and all cards are accepted. Please have an appointment before you visit the ranch as we cannot usually accommodate drop-ins.

What if it’s raining?

We do go out in all but the very worst weather. Wear wellingtons and a jacket. If it is pouring with rain or there are high winds we will rearrange the session for a better day.


Is it fun for boys?

Yes! We encourage boys to ride and find they benefit greatly from the secret bond formed with their pony. Boys respond very well to our outdoor approach and really enjoy riding the ponies in the fields as opposed to pressurised lessons in a school. We like to encourage boys and show them that learning to ride could open up a whole world of fun for them too.


Can we bring dogs?

We love dogs but Shetland ponies do not! Please leave your dogs at home or if they do come they must stay in the car with an open window.  Sorry, but our insurance does not allow dogs to be with the ponies.

Let us know if you have a Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) that we have not answered here and we would be happy to help. Give us a call on 07734 950 309 Email us:

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