Working for us

Keen to work for us?

Are you interested in working for us? Shetland Pony Club is a very popular place to work.  Our team love the ponies, children and friendly atmosphere. The young team work together with the ponies and children and love their jobs. They thrive on the responsibility, learn new skills that can turn into careers and make friendships that last.  As Shetland Pony Club is a popular place to work we need to choose our staff carefully.

Shetland Pony Club Team

Team vacancies

Sometimes we have vacancies for dedicated staff, aged 14+, who love our ponies and children. Work is at the weekends from March to November and during the school holidays. Please note all our staff are all employed and we do not take volunteers.  If you would like to apply please write a formal letter, (ideally as a pages, word or PDF document laid out with your address and ours) addressed to: Mrs Rosemary Miller at Shetland Pony Club Ltd.  The letter can be emailed to:  Please include your personal details, address, contact email and mobile.  You should also explain:

  • Why you would like to work at Shetland Pony Club?
  • Any relevant experience you have with animals or children.
  • Any experience you have with horses or ponies
  • How did you hear about us?
  • If you know any of our current or previous staff members

Please read our website carefully and watch our YouTube Channel Shetland Pony Club TV before you apply. You should also consider that this is a paid job that you will need to commit to and not apply if you have too many other activities at weekends.  You need to be sure you can get to us, and back home every week too. You are advised to talk to your parents before you apply.

Download our guidelines to help you apply

Shetland Pony Club Team

Team news – what’s happened to those who work for us

Vet school success

Staff member Lucy is studying to be a vet at Bristol University and Simon is at Cambridge studying to be a vet. Jade has graduated from The Royal Veterinary College and is continuing to study to become a fully qualified vet. Heather is studying at the Royal Veterinary College and Winston and Ellie have graduated from there. Bethany is working locally as a veterinary nurse too.
As you all know it’s very tough to get into Vet School and as well as being brilliant academically you need lots of work experience. Our staff have worked hard at Shetland Pony Club for years and it’s all paid off. They follow our other staff members Edward (Bristol University), Jenny (Cambridge)  on their big dreams to become a vet.


First for Serena

More exciting news to share about our amazing staff!

Staff member Serena has been awarded a First Class honours degree. Many congratulations Serena. We are so proud of you!

First for Andrew

More exciting staff news to share …Congratulations to long time staff member ” Andrew 1 ” who has graduated with a first-class honours degree. Seems a long time since you arrived with a young farmers group and you were so good with the ponies we offered you a job! Congratulations Andrew.

Andrew 1

Small ponies…Big dreams

We have a fully qualified Vet!

Exciting Staff news to share. Long term Staff member Edward has graduated from Bristol University Vet school and is now a real vet! Congratulations Ed! Small Ponies …Big Dreams

Edward is now a qualified Vet
Congratulations to all the Shetland Pony Club Team on their successes. Lots more of our current team are hoping to become vets and gaining valuable experience with us to help with their veterinary applications.