Meet Snowdrop, one of our newest ponies at Shetland Pony Club, who arrived in 2019. He is a male pony and is one of our smallest Shetland ponies, called a mini. His height is just 81cm or 32 inches high. Shetland ponies are measured in inches, not hands, but if people ask, he is just 8 hands high (hh). Ponies are measured from the ground to the wither (shoulder) using a measuring stick.

Snowdrop - pony at Shetland Pony Club

Facts about Snowdrop

Age: 11 years old
Size: Mini Shetland
Colour: Grey (the proper name for a white pony).
Markings: Snowdrop has a “snip” on his nose.  Can you see the little pink line on the grey skin of his nose?  This is a natural colouring and makes him very pretty.
Male or female: Male
Hoof colour: white.  His white hooves are the easiest way to tell the difference from Tintin, who has black hooves.

Unicorn team

Snowdrop is one of our smallest ponies who is calm and quiet. He is an ideal first pony for children to learn to ride on. Starter Rides are the perfect way to enjoy riding on him, find out more about them here.

Looking very similar to our other small white pony, Tintin, you can tell the difference as Snowdrop has white hooves, and a snip on his nose. You can see them both together here – which pony is which?

Tintin and Snowdrop at Shetland Pony Club

Snowdrop eats on grass and hay from our own farms. He has a little hard feed to keep his minerals and vitamins at the right level. Feeding a Shetland correctly is an art. Too much feed and they can get laminitis, a painful condition of the hoof, so we keep a close eye on them. He is fond of grass and so we have to watch his diet carefully.

TV Star

He stars in some Shetland Pony Club TV episodes, have a look at him arriving in this video:

Snowdrop enjoys taking children for rides – watch him here on his first pony ride, once he has had his vaccinations, met all his friends at Shetland Pony Club and completed his training.

Come and share Shetland pony Snowdrop’s snowy day at Shetland Pony Club.  Find out what happens to him on the gorgeous crisp sunny yet snowy day in the Surrey Hills.

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