Balmoral - Shetland Pony 1


Balmoral came to us as a new pony in 2021. He one of our youngest Shetland ponies at 7 years old and he lived in the west country before coming to The Ranch.

Balmoral is a bay pony which means he has a brown body and a black mane and tail.  He has a very long mane and tail which makes him very attractive.

Balmoral Shetland Pony

Facts about Balmoral

Age: 7 years old
Size: Standard 42 inches
Colour: Bay (Brown with a black mane and tail)

Size: ponies and horses are measured in hands (the width of a grown-up’s hand is about 4 inches). He is 10 hands and 2 inches high (10.2hh), making him one of the bigger for Shetland ponies – also called a Standard Shetland.

Name: he is called Balmoral because he has come from Scotland.  He was born on the Shetland Islands (know as “Island bred”) and has lived in other parts of Scotland too.

Experience: he is well trained and is able to pull a pony carriage. He loves children and he enjoys being brushed and ridden.

Riding: our lovely pony will be used for Pony Share MembersOwn a Pony Experiences and Pony Parties


Balmoral is a kind pony.  He is inquisitive and has made good friends with Mufasa, the other new pony at Shetland Pony Club.

See him arriving in the horsebox and watch his first days at the Ranch.

Watch the video to find out more:

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