Billy Boon – our very first Shetland Pony

Billy Boon was the reason that Shetland Pony Club exists.  Inspired by a photo of her grandfather riding a donkey to school in India, Camilla, Rosemary’s daughter rode Billy Boon to school every day, with her satchel on her back.  Parents asked Rosemary if she could teach their children to ride too and so the idea for Shetland Pony Club was born.

Billy was our first Shetland pony.

Billy Boon

Facts about Billy Boon

Billy Lived to 32 years old
Size: Standard
Colour: Brown

The School Trot

He gave countless children their first riding experience. In his loving memory, we have published ‘The School Trot’ a true story about Camilla who used to ride to school on Billy.

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You can find out more about “The School Trot” children’s bedtime storybook, written by Rosemary, Founder of Shetland Pony Club, and buy your copy here.

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