Cupcake was rescued in 2005. He loved his life at Shetland Pony Club, where he was properly cared for, giving pleasure to hundreds of children over the years. When he retired he was a great companion to the rest of the Shetland ponies.  In his old age, he enjoyed lazing around in the meadows, keeping the other ponies company, and letting children brush him. In the winter he enjoyed the comfort of a stable too.  He was a very modern pony and had “selfies” taken (see Cupcake’s Winter Warmer) as well as featuring regularly in our Pony Cam in the new online website.  He also helped children to learn about ponies as seen here when the dentist came to visit.


Facts about Cupcake

Lived to age 30
Size: Mini
Colour: Brown and White (Skewbald)

Video star

He starred in several episodes of Shetland Pony Club TV including “The Happy Tale of Cupcake” which tells his story really well.

His last public appearance was attending a nativity play in Oxshott on Christmas Eve 2016, where he behaved impeccably.

Cupcake died peacefully in January 2017 after a very happy life with us.

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