Are you dreaming of a Shetland Pony?

Well you’ve come to the right place. You can adopt a pony today!

In this special edition of Shetland Pony Club TV, we’re really excited to let you know about our charitable work.  At Shetland Pony Club, we are passionate about children, ponies and the countryside. Though our work and love we want to give a better life to more Shetland ponies.  We have rescued several Shetland ponies over the years and our current rescued pony, Robin Hood, is delighted to be helping out with our charity campaign.

Through Shetland Pony Club TV, we reach families who love Shetland ponies in 175 countries all around the world. Many of those pony fans want to be more involved with our ponies, but are not close enough to visit us at the ranch. So, Robin Hood’s adopt a pony scheme that lets you love and learn about Shetland ponies and show you care, wherever you are in the world.

When you adopt Robin Hood you’ll receive our beautiful adoption pack which makes a perfect pony gift for anyone who loves ponies. You’ll also receive quarterly email updates and a year’s access to Robin Hood’s own delightful website. It’s full of things to learn and do and is appropriate for children of all ages. You can also organise to visit Robin Hood at his home in the Surrey countryside.

Adopting Robin Hood is a simple way for you to support our charitable work with ponies. We pay to look after Robin Hood, so all the proceeds go directly to give a better life to more ponies by supporting our chosen charity, The Horse Trust.

Watch the video to find out more:

Find out how to adopt Robin Hood here.

In adopting Robin Hood your simple act of kindness will help support horses and ponies through our chosen horse charity, The Horse Trust.  Not every pony is as lucky as Robin Hood and through your adoption you are helping to give a better life to ponies, wherever they are in the world.

Thank you

From Rosemary and Robin Hood