Elgin Sunset

Elgin Sunset is a fabulous pony who is perfect for children of all ages. A talented pony who can jump very well and canter up the hill with you as you become a better rider. Elgin Sunset is a very strong pony, so can carry bigger children as well as being kind to young riders. With a very thick mane and tail, he is warm in snowy, wintertime, and has a new light coat for the summer.

Elgin Sunset – pony facts

Age: 22 years old (at least)
Size: Standard
Colour: Brown (Bay)

He is at least 22 years old, a good age for a child’s Shetland pony. Ponies ages are not always accurate so he could be older.

They can live for “donkey’s years” (about 35 years old) with the right care and attention. He is a gelding (male) as all our Shetland ponies are.  They have a calm temperament, which is best for children.  Elgin Sunset loves dressing up and playing games.

His breeding is called a ‘Standard Shetland’ which is very close to the type originally found on the Shetland Isles.

He is 99 cm or 39 inches high. Shetlands are measured in inches, not hands, but if people ask you, he is 9 hands 3 inches. They are measured from the ground to the wither (shoulder) using a measuring stick.

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