Shetland Pony Fan Club

Do you love Shetland Ponies?

Well you’re in the right place


The Shetland Pony Fan Club brings the magic of our real Shetland Ponies to you to enjoy at home.

What’s the Fan Club all about?

As a Fan Club member, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded Shetland Pony lovers from all over the world who care for and enjoy our Shetland Ponies.  The Shetland Pony Fan Club is all about real Shetland Ponies. You can find out about our amazing Shetlands and the beautiful Surrey countryside in which they live. And, you can let us know all about your small ponies and big dreams too.


What do I receive when I join?

When you enrol you will receive a beautiful Shetland Pony Fan Club member’s joining pack.

Then, every month you’ll receive in your inbox:

  • Delightful Shetland Pony videos to enjoy again and again
  • Pony craft to enjoy at home
  • Shetland Pony downloadable fun sheets to use at home
  • Shetland Pony competitions to get involved and let us know about your pony dreams

How do I join the Shetland Pony Fan Club?

The Shetland Pony Fan Club enrolment is currently closed. Join the Shetland Pony Fan Club waiting list now by signing up on this page and we will make sure that you are the first to know when the Fan Club enrolment next opens up.

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