Hector Moonbeam

Hector Moonbeam – famous for his long mane

Hector Moonbeam was a very good looking Shetland pony.  He came to Shetland pony Club in 2006, and you can see the story of his arrival here:

Where do Shetland ponies come from?

The Shetland pony breed originated on the Shetland Islands, which are about 120 miles north of mainland Scotland. That’s a really long way to travel. Luckily, we found Hector Moonbeam at the opposite end of the country, near the white cliffs of Dover.  It was so long ago that the internet was not used for advertising and directions and we read about Hector in a newspaper advertisement.

What do you think happened when Rosemary went to meet Hector in 2006? He was a good choice, as he has been with us ever since we started Shetland Pony Club in 2008, until he died after a short illness in 2020.

Facts about Hector Moonbeam

Age: Lived to 20 years old
Size: Standard
Colour: Dapple Grey in younger years, then grey (white with a grey skin) as he got older.

Hector was a classic standard (larger) Shetland. He looked like a typical Thelwell pony with a very long mane. Mild and affectionate he was calm and reliable and a popular ride for children of all ages.  Hector was very photogenic and was used in lots of photoshoots and was featured on our website as he looked gorgeous when he was clean. However, he was not always clean!  Watch the video below to find out more.

Shetland Pony Makeover: Mud to Marvellous – with Hector Moonbeam

See what happens when Shetland Pony Hectormoonbeam is needed for fashion shoots and TV shows at Shetland Pony Club.

But, he has rolled in the mud …oh no! Watch his makeover from mud to marvellous…. Because he’s worth it.

After a short illness, Hector Moonbeam died in 2020.  He made many children happy and we remember him with much affection.

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