What’s the difference between horses and ponies?

Join Rosemary in our new Jargon Buster video series to learn all about horses and ponies and the words used around them. In this first of our Jargon Buster series we look at the number one question that people ask at the ranch “What is the difference between horses and ponies?”

We find out how to measure horses and ponies explain a few confusing situations you may come across in the horsey world.Find out why polo ponies are actually horses and why Icelandic ponies are actually horses! After watching this video you will never be confused again.

Watch the video to find out more

Shetland Pony Club is closed for the winter

The Shetland ponies are on holiday and will be rested and ready for more pony fun from Saturday 2 March 2019.

The office is open again on 8 January 2019  and you can call us on 07734 950 309 or email on info@shetlandponyclub.co.uk. Bookings are currently open online for pony parties only up to Easter 2019 and details of when other bookings open again will be here, on the weekly emails. Prices for 2019 will be £40 for Starter rides and £55 for pony mornings.

Thank you to all our supporters

Thank you to everyone who has supported Shetland Pony Club this year – our customers, the team, our lovely suppliers, our enthusiastic online fans, our charities and all those who love Shetland ponies.

We wish you all a very happy New Year

Small Ponies… Big Dreams from

Rosemary, Liz and all the Team and Ponies at Shetland Pony Club