Members Only booking for Pony Visiting

Book your Members Only Pony Visiting here.

  1. Read our new procedures for pony visiting in the light of Coronavirus below
  2. Click “Sign in”
  3. Enter your email address  – if needs be, use  “I forgot my password”. An email will be sent to you to reset a password.
  4. Follow the link to set your password and then you will be able to sign in and book.
  5. Choose your pony and time and agree to the new coronavirus procedures

Procedure for Pony Visiting in the light of coronavirus

To keep everyone one safe please follow these guidelines. We have assessed the risks and our staff will be able to guide you safely through the new procedures for pony visiting

  • Health check –  Please do not come to Shetland Pony Club if you or someone in your household has coronavirus, or if you feel unwell with either:
  • a high temperature,
  • a new continuous cough,
  • a loss of, or change to, your sense of smell or taste
  1. Booking – book your pony visit online and only come when you have an appointment. Please do not arrive early (stay in your car if you do)
  2. Parking – park apart from other cars and put on your horse outfit (hat, boots, gloves) before coming to The Ranch.  Please bring your own drink
  3. Arrival – wait at the door until invited to enter. Your staff member will give guidance at a 2m social distance. Wash your hands/hand gel & listen to the new instructions on procedures for your safety (no badges)
  4. The Ranch – put any bags down in your designated place.  Your staff member will give guidance at a 2m social distance. Parents please help your child put on a cleaned riding hat and take a cleaned brush for your pony. Toilets – use only if necessary and queue apart. Tell a staff member you have used the loo so it can be cleaned.
  5. Meet your pony – Your pony will be wearing a bridle put on earlier by staff. You can brush your pony, you may plait and decorate with flowers you pick yourself, oil his hooves with a cleaned brush. Staff will guide you.
  6. Clear up and hand wash – put your equipment in the “used” container, wash your hands and have your own drink, if needed
  7. Pony leading – Staff members will tell you how to lead your pony. Take a clean lead rope and attach it to your pony. Your helper will remove theirs.  Enjoy walking with your pony around the farm– keep 2m apart from everyone else.
  8. Returning – take your pony to his peg and let your staff member attach their lead rope. Remove your lead rope and say goodbye.  Put your lead rope in the used container.  Your staff member will give your pony a drink.
  9. Finishing – Put your hat in the used container for cleaning, wash your hands and use hand gel
  10. Prize giving – Stickers will be laid out for you to choose one
  11. Leaving – leave by field gate and keep apart from others in the car park

Buying your own Equipment

If you would like to buy your own hat, check out our guidelines here

If you would like to buy your own grooming kit – here is a suggestion to consider.