Muffin was one of our original ponies who was present on our opening day back in 2008, and lived at The Ranch and served faithfully ever since. He was a classic black strong mid-size Shetland who came to us from the Welsh Valleys. We know that his grandfather was a pit pony, which is an amazing heritage.

Facts about Muffin

Lived to about 30 years old
Size: Midi Shetland
Colour: Black
Male or female: Male

Muffin was chosen out of all our ponies as the easiest to train by our Natural Horsemanship trainer. His natural intelligence made him very quick to respond to commands and so it made teaching him easy. We remember him fondly because he was the first pony we successfully taught to stand with his front feet on a log to pose for photos, and he showed the other ponies how to do it. A marvellous, all-round pony: kind and loyal; he gave so many children happy memories and a great start to their riding life.

Muffin had a lovely retirement party in 2020 and lived his last year peacefully amongst his friends. We are unsure of his exact age but believe that he was  well over 30 years which is a grand age for a Shetland pony.

Here are some videos of Muffin.

TV Star

He stars in some Shetland Pony Club TV episodes, have a look at him in “Muffin’s Mud bath”.

Watch the video below to find out why he rolls and who else is rolling with him…

Sometimes Muffin forgets to come into The Ranch for his breakfast. See what happens in this video:

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