Pony Information Films

The Shetland pony information films on this page tell you all about Shetland ponies, their habits and how to look after them.

Cupcake the Shetland goes to the Dentist

Cupcake our oldest Shetland needs to go to the pony dentist. See how he gets on and what the tooth fairy brings him.

Shetland ponies playing

Muffin and his friends Nottingham and Elgin Sunset are excited that you are coming to ride them. Watch them at play, galloping and rolling for fun this spring at the ranch.

Shetland ponies scratching

Come behind the scenes with us to see what the cheeky Shetland ponies get up to in their own time at Shetland Pony Club. See what they are doing and why they get up to such tricks.

Why do Shetland ponies roll?

See who is rolling around at Shetland Pony Club and find out why our adorable Shetland ponies do this. Now that it’s spring, the ponies are rolling to shed their thick winter fur to make way for their sleek summer coats.

Shetland ponies and the Farrier

We go behind the scenes at Shetland Pony Club when the Farrier comes to visit. See how the Farrier skilfully trims the ponies’ hooves to make sure that they are all ready for riding. It’s a bit like having your own nails cut and it doesn’t hurt the ponies.

Healthy Shetland Ponies

We go behind the scenes at Shetland Pony Club and find out what the Shetland Ponies eat to stay healthy. Shetland ponies like their grass and eat a feed before they are ridden. See what our retired Shetland ponies enjoy and find out what Elgin Sunset likes too.

Learn Shetland Pony whispering … how to tell who’s the boss?

We go behind the scenes at Shetland Pony Club to see the ponies drinking at the water trough. By watching them carefully we can find out who is the leader of the pack. Can you spot who’s the boss?

Shetland Pony Pooh! It’s time to clean up

Keeping the grass clean and sweet to eat is very important for our Shetland Ponies health. Children at Shetland Pony Club learn all about pony care, and they enjoy it too. Watch the video to find out how many poops there are every day! What other job does the pooh do?

Shetland Ponies eating Prickly Thistles

Honeybee and Crème Brûlée have found some prickly thistles to eat at Shetland Pony Club. How do they manage them and why would they eat something so prickly? Find out in the film.  Can you see which pony is the gardener?

Shetland Pony burdock attack

We join find out about burdocks and how they stick to the ponies at Shetland Pony Club. Watch Bethany with Hector Moonbeam and see what happens to Sundance, Elgin Sunset and Robinhood when the burdocks are in season. Find out how to remove those clever little plants in the video, so that you can help out next time you’re at Shetland Pony Club.

Back to work for Shetland Ponies

We go behind the scenes to see the ponies having breakfast and enjoying their first day of the season. Check out the new look of the ranch and see the ponies meeting the children for pony riding.

Samson the Shetland changes colour

Meet Samson, our magical Shetland Pony. Samson has a very special colour coat which is highly prized in Shetland Ponies. Did you know that he changes colour in winter and summer? It’s just like magic! Find out the special name of his coat and see him changing colour throughout the year.

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