Pony Share Membership – thank you

We’re so pleased that you have purchased our Pony Share Membership.  Thank you.

Here’s a video to let you know more about Pony Share Membership.

Note that this video is about 2 hour Pony Membership from age 4+.  Mini Membership is more gentle and suitable for our younger members.

What happens now?

We will send you a pack for you to share with your child, that lets you know more about Pony Share Membership. You can now come every week from March to November to enjoy pony fun with us.

We will send you some flexi-codes to book alternative times to ride throughout the year, if you can’t make your regular time. You will also get several confirmation emails when your booking and payments are set up on our system.

Then you’re all set for Pony Share Membership

Your child’s dreams of a pony will come true!


Thank you from Rosemary, Liz and all the ponies and team at Shetland Pony Club.