Quick announcement and favour

Dear Parents

During the last decade, we have met so many lovely parents at the ranch and started over 7000 children on their riding journey. Many of our members, who started on Honeybee, have gone on to ride bigger horses. Some of our members have now grown up and come back as staff.

In the last 10 years, although the ponies have remained the same, parenting has changed so much. Parents are faced with increasingly tough challenges of getting their children outdoors and connected with nature.

For our tenth anniversary year we want to reach more children and help support more parents with their pony dreams. We have put together a long awaited online course that will support parents as they take their first steps into the world of ponies. We are excited to be near to releasing it in November, but before do we would love your help.

As parents who have already taken those first steps:

  • What advice can you offer parents who are thinking about ponies and starting riding for their child?
  • What good things have come out of your visits to the ranch for your family?

Your thoughts could be very helpful to other parents. We would love to hear your pony story.

Liz has put together one of her super short surveys and a little more detail on the course.  It would be great if you could share your thoughts here.

Complete the super short survey here

As a thank you, everyone who replies will be entered into a draw for a Starter Ride Voucher – an ideal gift for you or a friend!

With thanks for your support with this exciting project

Small Ponies…Big Dreams


Rosemary and the Shetland ponies

Compete the super short survey here