Samson, the Shetland pony

Samson was a delightful Shetland pony that was much loved by children, parents, the team at Shetland Pony Club and all the other ponies.  He passed away peacefully after a short illness in 2019 and we all miss him.  Here’s some information about him.

Age: Lived to 20 years old
Size: Mini
Colour: Blue roan

Samson was an unusual colour, he was mostly brown in the winter and his silver colouring came through in the summer. He was very perky and loved children. He starred in several episodes of Shetland Pony Club TV.  Here is one of our favourites, all about his unique colour.

Samson the Shetland Pony changes colour

Meet our magical Shetland Pony. Samson’s very special colour coat is highly prized in Shetland Ponies. Did you know that he changes colour in winter and summer? It’s just like magic! Watch the video below to find out the special name of his coat and to see him changing colour throughout the year…

Samson was much loved by many and will have a fond place in all our hearts.

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