Shetland ponies – all year round

In these Shetland pony mini-films we see how life changes for the Shetland ponies all year round. Join them through the seasons of the year and how they behave in different situations.

Snowy Shetland Ponies – Christmas Special

It’s Christmas time at Shetland Pony Club. See the ponies enjoying the snow in this week’s film. What they are hoping that Santa will bring them, as they have been very good this year? Watch the video to find out more…

Shetland Pony Winter Vlog

The Shetland ponies are on their winter holiday and on the look out for food! Keep up to date with how they are doing and how they keep warm in winter . This week join Rosemary as she feeds the Shetlands.

Shetland ponies in spring

The ponies are happy! Spring is here and winter is over. The ranch at Shetland Pony Club is open. Join the fun. Watch the ponies and staff getting ready to have fun with you.

A day in the life of Shetland ponies

Come and share a day in the life of the ponies at Shetland Pony Club and make all your big dreams come true. Join our adorable Shetland ponies for a day – following them from dawn to dusk. Watch Honeybee, Sundance, Robinhood and all the ponies at work, rest, eat and play on a typical day at our ranch in the beautiful English countryside.

Shetland ponies and windy weather

In our Shetland Pony Club diary you can see to how the Shetland ponies cope with windy weather. See what they are doing and if they mind this breeze.

Easter Egg Hunts with Shetland Ponies

It’s Easter Egg Hunt time at Shetland Pony Club. Watch Hector Moonbeam and his friends getting all ready with daffodils in their manes to enjoy lots of Easter Egg Hunts with the children.  Has the Easter Bunny been? Do they find any eggs?

Shetland Ponies in the hot weather

Watch the video to see who is sleepy at Shetland Pony Club? Find out why our adorable Shetland ponies are having a snooze.

Shetland Ponies in the Poppy Fields

In June our memorial poppy field came into flower at Shetland Pony Club. It was so beautiful that we thought you would like to see our delightful Shetland ponies in the wonderful poppy fields.

Shetland Ponies and the Fly Attack
It’s Summer at the ranch and the flies are pestering our Shetland Ponies…how can the ponies keep the flies away?

 Shetland Ponies and the Heatwave

We are having a heatwave in England …It is too hot for the ponies! Time to head to the river with Creme Brulee and Creme Caramel for Shetland Pony Swimming. See who is the best swimmer!

What’s scaring the Shetland ponies this Halloween?

With Halloween approaching we go to Shetland Pony Club to find out what can frighten our Shetland ponies. Watch the video and find out the two things that all ponies are afraid of…

Shetland Ponies and Fireworks

It’s Fireworks Night in England and there are several big fireworks displays planned quite near to Shetland Pony Club. How will the ponies cope and what is the best thing to do to make them feel safe?

Shetland Ponies in the fog

We join our ponies in the last week of the season. We find out what it’s like to ride in the fog and why we close Shetland Pony Club in the winter.  Watch the video to find out more.

A Shetland Pony Christmas Tale

Find out what the children are dreaming of for Christmas and what our Shetland ponies enjoy doing when it’s snowy. It’s not too late to make a pony tale come true this Christmas, so watch the video to find out more.

Cupcake’s winter warmer

What’s the secret of how Cupcake, our oldest Shetland pony, keeps warm? In this week’s Shetland Pony Club TV we go behind the scenes and share it with you. He even has a go at a selfie. Check it out – very modern, Cupcake!

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