Shetland Pony Adventures

Come with us to see the Shetland Pony adventures that happen at Shetland Pony Club in our weekly editions of Shetland Pony Club TV.

Missing! Naughty Shetland Ponies

We go behind the scenes at Shetland Pony Club to see the ponies coming in for riding. Who is missing? Check out the ponies and see who doesn’t want to come in for breakfast. Watch the video to find out more…

Robin Hood, the Shetland, pretends to be a donkey

It’s Palm Sunday, and Robin Hood is off to the local church near Shetland Pony Club to take part in the procession. See how he gets on and what happens on his Easter adventure. Watch the video to find out more…

Naughty Toffee eats the Vet’s Sandwiches

The Vet is coming to see the ponies at Shetland Pony Club. Toffee is up to his escaping tricks again. See what happens when he escapes from his place. Do the other ponies behave for the vet?

A secret parcel arrives for the Shetland Ponies!

A secret parcel has arrived for the ponies at Shetland Pony Club. How exciting! Watch the ponies, Honeybee, Samson and Elgin Sunset as they find out what’s in the big box that’s come all the way from America, just for them.

The Shetland Ponies go to London

The Shetland Ponies have been invited to go to London! Join Honeybee, Robin Hood and Hector Moonbeam on their adventure as they go to the big city. Find out how the ponies from Shetland Pony Club get on at the National Pet Show in London.

Shetland ponies and the Helicopter

The Shetland Ponies have an unexpected visitor to Shetland Pony Club. It’s a big yellow helicopter. Are they frightened? See what ponies do when they are afraid. Do they run away from the helicopter?

Watch the video to find out more…

Gordon the Shetland at Royal Windsor Horse Show

We visit the Royal Windsor Horse Show where the Queen recently celebrated her 90th Birthday. She watches the Shetland Pony Grand National there every year. Did you know that Gordon, one of our very own Shetland ponies, was in the Shetland Pony Grand National at Royal Windsor Horse Show many years ago? How did he get on?

Naughty Shetland Ponies at the ranch

It’s gardening day at the ranch and the Shetland Ponies are helping… or are they? Find out what happens when we ask the ponies to help tidy our garden!

Robin Hood and the Radio

Our Shetland Pony Robin Hood has been interviewed by BBC Radio Surrey… and he is actually quite good at getting his point across even if he cannot speak ! Watch his fun interview. Well done Robin Hood.

Toby the Shetland tries to escape

Toby, our old Shetland Pony, has been confined to the stable as it is too hot in the fields. Does he like it? See what he thinks of his stable.

Shetland Pony Olympics

Watch out Rio! This week we go to Shetland Pony Camp where the ponies are competing in the Apple & Spoon race in our Pony Olympics!Which team will win?

Shetland Ponies Go for Gold

Watch our Shetland Ponies participate in an Olympic Dressage competition.  Inspired by dressage gold medalist Charlotte Dujardin watch Toffee, Hector Moonbeam and Samson have a go too!

Creme Brulee the Shetland and the Cows

Creme Brulee the Shetland Pony is looking for new friends. See who he meets and if they want to play!

Shetland Ponies and the Combine Harvester

It’s harvest time at the ranch. Will the ponies be scared of the great big combine harvester?

Shetland Ponies get ready for a movie

Our Shetland Ponies have been asked to star in a movie. In this week’s film we watch them get ready for the cameras!  Find out who takes the longest in “hair and makeup” and see the ponies perform on the film set.

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