This week we join find out about burdocks and how they stick to the ponies at Shetland Pony Club. Watch Bethany with Hector Moonbeam and see what happens to Sundance, Elgin Sunset and Robinhood when the burdocks are in season. Find out how to remove those clever little plants in the video, so that you can help out next time you’re at Shetland Pony Club.

We’re excited to let you know that we are working on our new “Pony Share Membership” for 2016 which will make the ideal Christmas gift. Email us at to be the first to hear about it and get onto the Pony Share Membership waiting list.

It’s our last weekend before we close the ranch for the winter. The ponies will rest but the office will still be open for vouchers and bookings for 2016. Shetland Pony Club TV will be on every week over the winter to help keep you in touch with the ponies

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