Honeybee – Shetland pony

Age: 18 years old
Size: Mini 34 inches
Colour: Golden palomino with white socks

Our Shetland pony Honeybee is everyone’s favourite. Cute and cuddly, he is very friendly, patient and small enough for the youngest children. Honeybee is often the first pony that children ride. He is one of the smallest ponies at Shetland Pony Club and he is the leader of the herd! His pretty golden palomino colour is very striking. Honeybee has appeared on Channel 4 television, in Pony magazine and in fashion shoots. He is loved by children and has fans from all over the world. He is very busy all summer with his adoring riders!

Honeybee – Star of Shetland Pony Club TV

We’d love you to come and meet Honeybee. We hope you will enjoy this little tribute to him and share it with your friends and family. We love you Honeybee.