Your Shetland pony Valentine’s card is here!

Do you love Shetland ponies?  Well, you’ve come to the right place this Valentine’s Day.  It must be love…

This week, we’d like to share with you how everyone loves being with Shetland ponies and building a special bond with them.

Let’s look back over the past 10 years at Shetland Pony Club and enjoy the happy memories of people who love our ponies and have that love returned. Nothing can replace this precious pony time.

We hope that you enjoy looking at these happy moments at Shetland Pony Club.

Can you recognise anyone? See if you can spot some young faces who are now on our staff team at Shetland Club.

Happy Valentine’s Day Shetland ponies. It must be love…

Watch the video to find out more:

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If you’d like to spend precious time building a bond with the Shetland ponies do get in touch: on 01372 844077 or


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