Booking your child’s first pony ride

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You are thinking of booking your child’s first pony ride? How exciting! Whether it’s for a special treat, or something you’d like to continue, we can help your child start riding in the beautiful English countryside.
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This is the first of our series of Pony Advice Guides to help you learn all about ponies and riding for your child, so that you can enjoy a wonderful time with ponies.

Booking your child’s first pony ride

When booking your child’s first pony ride, it can be tricky to know how to go about it.  You want your child to try riding and learn to care for ponies.  You instinctively know that there can be a special bond between a pony and a child.  It would be great to get them outside in the countryside and to try something new. But…what should I book?  What should my child wear? Do I need a riding hat? Which pony is suitable for my child?

We will help you answer all these concerns.

At Shetland Pony Club, we have helped over 8,000 children start riding safely. We will help find the perfect pony for your child to have a great start with ponies.

Starting out with ponies at Shetland Pony Club

What’s best to book at Shetland Pony Club?

Starter Rides – are 45 minutes long and a specially designed first riding experiences for children from age 2½ – 10 years old. They cost £39 per child.

They are a gentle introduction to pony riding with a helper. Starter rides include brushing and getting your pony ready to ride. Children have a gentle ride with a leader in our meadows for about 20 minutes. They help with pony care and finish with a pony ride certificate.

Pony Mornings – are 2 hours long and are specially designed as early riding experiences for children from age 4 – 10 years old. They cost £49 per child.

Children meet and greet the ponies with a helper and learn to brush them. Then it’s time to get them ready and learn to lead their pony. Next, they enjoy an easy ride in our meadows with a leader, that is confidence boosting and fun. After a break, it’s time to try some pony learning such as tack cleaning or clearing up the paddock, which they love! Pony mornings are a really special all round pony experience and children are given a rosette as a memento of their special morning.

Riding in the Bluebells at Shetland Pony Club

What age do children have to be to ride?

Just so you know – children need to be two and a half years old to ride with us and can be up to about 10 years old. The ponies are very popular, so do book ahead. Our pony riding is by appointment only and payment is due at the time of booking. You can see all our availability on the Book Now page.

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