Are Shetland ponies expensive to keep?

Join Rosemary in this week’s video as she answers your question, are Shetlands expensive to keep?

We often get asked the question if it’s cheaper to keep a Shetland pony rather than a bigger horse, as Shetlands are much smaller. Rosemary explains what you need to keep a Shetland pony happy and if it’s expensive to keep one.

What do I need to keep a Shetland and are they expensive to keep?

Rosemary explores what you would need to keep a Shetland and if it is any cheaper than keeping a bigger horse. To keep a Shetland you need:

  • A grass field with at least one acre
  • Shelter or a stable
  • Hard feed and hay
  • Farrier, to keep your ponies hooves trimmed
  • Vet in case there are any health issues
  • Saddles and bridles for riding

Watch the video to find out: Are Shetlands expensive to keep?

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Do take a moment to watch our video this week, are Shetland ponies expensive to keep?

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