Pony Advice Guide: headcollars and bridles

Pony Advice Guide: headcollars and bridles

Find out the difference between headcollars and bridles

Our Shetland Ponies have headcollars and bridles, but what’s the difference?  Find out how they use them and how to get ready to go riding.

Head collars

These are used to catch a pony.  They are easy to put on, with just a nose band and a strap over the head with one buckle to fasten.  Headcollars can be made of webbing, leather or rope.  You can attach a lead rope to them and they are ideal for leading ponies and for tying them up.


Bridles are used when riding a pony.

They usually have a metal “bit” that fits into the pony’s mouth.  This helps to control the pony when he is being ridden. Reins attach to the bit. We must be gentle with the reins so we do not damage the pony’s mouth.

Bridles can be tricky to put on to a pony.  We need to take care not to hurt his eyes or ears and to carefully tuck his hair away from the straps.

An expert will fit the bridle to the pony for the first time to make sure that it is really comfortable for him.

Watch the video to find out more:

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