How long do Shetland ponies live?

People often ask us how long do Shetland ponies live? Let’s find out more about the Shetland pony breed and what their characteristics are.

A native breed

Shetland ponies are a native breed, which means that they have adapted to their environment over centuries and they can live on the Shetland Islands successfully.  Conditions are tough 120 miles off the North of the Scottish mainland, so Shetland ponies have become small, hardy and able to live outside in all weathers.

Do Shetland ponies grow quickly?

As conditions are tough, the ponies have learned to live off brambles, heather and seaweed. They have adapted by growing very slowly and are not ready for riding until they are 5 or 6 years old.  As they are so tough, they can then live for a long time, but how long do Shetland ponies live?

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