Can Shetland ponies dream?

This week we find out: can Shetland ponies dream? In this pony information video, we learn about how ponies sleep, and whether they dream?

How do Shetland ponies sleep?

Ponies have special joints which enable them to lock their back legs, so that they can rest comfortably and sleep whilst standing up, without falling over.

This helps to keep them safe, so that they can be ready to run away at a moments notice, which is important for survival in the wild.

How long to Shetland ponies sleep for?

Surprisingly, horses and ponies only need to sleep for 5-6 hours in 24 hours, much less sleep than humans.  They can sleep at any time of day or night and they break their sleep up into lots of naps.

So, can Shetland ponies dream?

We know that ponies have about an hour of deep sleep a day, when they lie down, often with a friend watching over them. We think that they dream when in this deep sleep, but can only guess what they at dream about.

Watch the video to find out more:

If you’d like to know more about how horses sleep you can read this interesting article here about how horses sleep.

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