How to adopt a Shetland pony – perfect for Christmas

Give the magic of a pony for Christmas with our adopt a Shetland pony scheme, where you can adopt one of our adorable Shetland ponies, Robin Hood, for a whole year.

Do you dream of a Shetland pony?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. You can fulfill your dreams and adopt a pony today. Shetland Pony Club’s adopt a pony scheme lets you love and learn about Shetland ponies. You can adopt our rescued Shetland Pony, Robin Hood, learn all about him, and show you care. All the proceeds of your adoption will go to support other ponies in need.

Watch the video to find out more:

What do I get when I adopt a Shetland pony?

When you adopt Robin Hood you will receive our beautiful adoption pack which makes a perfect pony gift for anyone who loves ponies. You will also receive email updates and immediate access to Robin Hood’s own website. It’s full of things to learn and do and is appropriate for children and adults of all ages. You can also organise to visit Robin Hood at his home in the Surrey countryside.

Adopting Robin Hood is a simple way for you to support our charitable work with ponies. The funds raised go directly to give a better life to more ponies by supporting our chosen charity, The Horse Trust.

How much does adopt a Shetland pony cost?

To adopt Robin Hood costs just £40 per year, plus post and packing.

You can find out more in this video and adopt him online here: or give us a call 07734 950 309 or email:

Shetland Pony Club is now closed for the winter

We are now closed for the winter. We plan to reopen on Saturday 6 March 2021.

 Can I book a Pony Birthday Party for 2021?

Yes – bookings for birthday parties are open for the whole of the 2021 season.  You can find out more about Shetland Pony Parties here and book online too or contact us on: 07734 950 309 or email:

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The Shetland Pony Club Team and all the Shetland ponies

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