What to look for in a Shetland pony

This week we learn what to look for in a Shetland pony and what qualities we should seek out when choosing the ideal pony to buy.

What to look for in a Shetland pony

Batman is a pedigree Shetland pony who is registered with the Shetland Pony Stud Book Society and has many features that make him a quality Shetland pony.  He has a very long tail, a full mane and a glossy coat that keeps him warm in the winter.

Features of a quality Shetland pony

Prince William is also a quality Shetland pony. He has small fluffy ears that keep the weather out, with a broad face and wide nostrils to help him breathe easily. He has kind eyes and is friendly and interested in all that’s around him, which is known as presence. Good quality Shetland ponies are kind, engaging and fun to be with.

Why are Shetland ponies so small?

Shetland ponies are small and hardy because they are naturally bred to live in the very harsh conditions of the Shetland Islands. There is little food and shelter, so being small gives them the best chance of survival. Quality Shetland ponies have short legs, upright hooves and stout bodies, so they are very strong for their size.

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Batman and Prince William are great examples of what to look for in a pedigree Shetland pony, but Toffee also has many quality features, even though he is not registered. So, do look at the pony, as well as the paperwork when choosing the perfect Shetland pony to buy.

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