Shetland Ponies Sleeping


Shhhh… the Shetland ponies are sleeping! The ponies have been very busy with Jubilee Pony Street parties and Half Term. Now it’s time for the ponies to have a well-earned rest. Watch the video to see all the Shetland Ponies sleeping.


Can you see Dinky having a snooze in the sun?


Ponies do lie down for short periods of time in the field when they feel safe. The ponies like to rest in little groups together, generally with a look out pony to see if there is any danger.


Can you see Gordon looking out for his friends?


In the wild they would need to be careful that a tiger wouldn’t come and sneak up on them. So it’s a good idea to sleep in a group with a look out.


Watch the video to find out more: Shetland Ponies Sleeping


From Rosemary, the Shetland Pony Club Team and all the Shetland ponies

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