Toffee the Shetland pony has a delightful character. Very experienced and fun, Toffee has been delighting children at Shetland Club since we opened in 2008.

Toffee the Shetland pony – facts

Age: 16 years old
Size: Midi
Colour: Chestnut with a silver mane and tail. He has a stripe on his back called an eel stripe. This is very unusual and he is the only Shetland pony that we have with an eel stripe.


Toffee is a Shetland pony with a great character.  He is very intelligent, fun and loves food. Steady and safe, with children he can also be speedy with more experienced riders.  He is good at dressing up and likes to ride out with his friends.

Toffee’s tricks

Shetland ponies love their breakfast but some will go to any lengths to have two helpings. Toffee is a very clever Shetland pony. See what he does to make sure that his tummy doesn’t rumble?

Watch the video to find out more:

Toffee is so clever he has learned to untie his lead rope.  Let’s join him at breakfast time and see what fun he gets up to!

Discover Toffee the Shetland Pony’s Trick

It’s a busy morning at The Ranch but there is a pony missing.  Where is Toffee? The Shetland Pony is not in his usual place at breakfast time.  Where can he be? Dinky is getting impatient for his food, and Elgin Sunset is waiting patiently, but where is Toffee?

Oh no! – he is helping himself to breakfast.  How did he get there?  Let’s discover how he escapes.

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